#NaNoWriMo Is Almost Over #amwriting

With 4 days left in November this year (counting today), I have over 114,000 words already and am expecting to top out around 125k, maybe as much as 130k. During this month, I wrote a book 1 for a new trilogy and a novella for a new, super-secret series. My third project is the sequel to Porcelain. The Harper Revolution series is young adult space opera with portal fantasy flair. It tackles the cheerful subjects of bulimia, toxic friendships, date rape, grief, and despair.

Porcelain took me two years to write. Not that I sat down and worked on it every day for two years. By now, you know know that’s not how I do things. I mean that I picked it up several times and put it down again to work on other things. It began as something very different than what it ultimately became. Sometimes art is like that. You think you want to tell one kind of story, and it turns out you really needed to delve into something else. Or tell it in a different way.

Next week, I’ll share my graph, because people seem to like seeing them from other folks.

In other news, I am of course going to mention in every post for a long while that I got into a box set, Cursed Lands, and it’s in pre-order for iTunes, Nook, and Kobo. BECAUSE I’M EXCITED ABOUT THIS. 99 cents for 22 YA/NA paranormal, dystopian, and urban fantasy books, including War of the Rose Covens, a new Spirit Knights book that takes place after the series. The ebook will be exclusive to the box set for 6 months after release, but it’ll be released in print next May. I’m crossing my fingers for a simultaneous audio release.

There will also be a novella that takes place concurrently with War of the Rose Covens, featuring Brian Avery. Knight Submergent will be out soon! You already knew he’d probably wind up as a Spirit Knight. Lucky for him, he gets hit with the blessing/curse after Spirit Knights are no longer a thing.

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