Looking Ahead to 2020

A couple of weeks ago, I listed out all the things I did in 2019. Now it’s time to talk about 2020.

First and foremost, I’ll be working very hard on an amazing project for 2021 and beyond. That, however, is not putting a crimp in my 2020 style. You can expect the usual number of book and novella releases from me next year.

At this time, 2020 is looking stacked, racked, and ready to rumble.

Darkside Seattle: Meat releases on January 21.
Princess Rescuing Society 1: A Cat Named Dragon releases on February 18.
Harper Revolution 4: Reckoning has a tentative release date of March 17.
Death and Dragons In Omaha has a tentative release date of April 21.
Stardrifters 2: A Foundation of Gravestones is expected for the summer of 2020.
The Greatest Sin 7 is also tentatively expected in summer 2020.
Harper Revolution 5 should release in September to conclude that series.
Stardrifters 3 should release in October to conclude that trilogy.

I’m also already contracted for three anthologies releasing in March, April, and May called Magic Underground. The three linked stories I’m working on with Erik for these are about a side character in The Greatest Sin. I’m really excited about it! The first is already in pre-order: Hidden Magic.

The next Writerpunk anthology should also release in 2020. I’ve got a cyberpunk rendition of Little Red Riding Hood in the Myth and Legend volume.

Here’s hoping that all goes smoothly. If you’d like a specific notice about my new releases, you have options. My newsletter includes that information. You can follow my Amazon profile. I also have a Bookbub profile. Or you can subscribe to this blog because I always put up a post here to announce them.

I hope your holidays have treated you well, and have a Happy New Year!

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