Post-#NaNoWriMo WrapUp 2018 #amwriting

NaNoWriMo is over! Yay! My post-NaNo wrap up is here, in handy bullet point format.

  • I exceeded my personal goal of 120k and reached 132k.
  • I finished a total of three projects, two of which will be released next year.
  • Before the end, I crossed 1,000,000 lifetime NaNo words. It took me 11 years to do it.
  • I had a total of four days with fewer than 4k words. That’s how I did it. On those four days, two of which were Jet City Comic Show (3-4), one of which was a day at Orycon (10), and the last of which was Thanksgiving (22), I still got 2k words. Multiple days reached 5-7k.
  • Here’s my graph.
  • Yes, Dragoncaller is the title of one of the projects that will release next year, and yes, it’s as awesome as that title deserves.
  • Even though this was Year 11, I still learned something, and I still managed to do new things.
  • Yes, I do use a squirrel for my profile pic. On several sites, actually.
  • No, that is not my highest NaNo word count. In 2014, I got 154k.
  • I don’t normally write this fast. There’s something about NaNo that makes me motor along at a much quicker pace than usual. This nebulous je ne sais quot is what keeps me coming back. And also the chance to meet new writers in my area.

Next week, a story from the Spirit Knights world to tease you for a novel I might be able to release next fall. Maybe. 2020 is more likely.

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