Happy Holidays 2019!

As a general rule, I celebrate Pie and Pretty Lights Season. Thanksgiving means a lot more to me than Christmas. I find Black Friday and the mad crush of SHOPPING repulsive.

But I like the lights. I live in the kind of neighborhood where the majority of people put up a cheerful display, and I like to add one thing to ours every year. This year, we added a few new strings of lights because none of the other stuff appealed to me.

I mean, we already have a snowman, a cat, and a squirrel. What more do we need?

Lumberjack squirrel is here to take your acorns. Festive snowman wants you to have a happy holiday. The cat wants to knock stuff off your counters, probably.

I believe the pie part is self-explanatory. There is no day which cannot be improved by the addition of pie.

To be clear, I include all the various forms of pie in that statement. Pizza is totally pie. I also consider cheesecake to be pie because I make it in a pie plate.

THAT COUNTS. I will die on this hill made of cheesecake.

Whatever holiday(s) you celebrate in this darkest part of the year, I hope you’re able to take a moment and enjoy something you consider indulgent. I’m going to watch a movie, play NieR: Automata and Assassin’s Creed, and write some stuff.

And eat pie.

Happy holidays. 🙂

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