#CursedLands is in #preorder

I’m pleased and proud (and excited!) to formally announce that my next Spirit Knights novel, War of the Rose Covens has been selected for inclusion in a paranormal, dystopian, and urban fantasy box set named Cursed Lands. This book is Sophie’s. If you’ve finished the series, you know she has some issues to resolve.


This story takes place after the Spirit Knights series. You can expect a few other books like this one, where the story involves one or more of the Spirit Knights characters in Portland, but isn’t part of that Caius-Iulia arc. You can also expect new stories in the same world that take place elsewhere. My current plan involves at least two more standalones in the Portland area, one new series on the East Coast, and another standalone in the Midwest.

Until next fall, the ebook of War of the Rose Covens will be exclusive to the Cursed Lands set, which includes another 20+ books, all for 99 cents. The pre-order for that amazing set has begun on iTunes, Kobo, and Nook, so click today and rest easy knowing it’ll get delivered to you without another thought. If you prefer to get your books on Amazon, that pre-order will begin soon, and I’ll also post about that. The print edition–and hopefully the audio edition–will launch in May.

By the way, I’m doing great on my NaNo projects. The first one is complete, the second, a novella, is almost halfway done, and the third is waiting patiently for me. I’m on track to hit my goal of 120k total words by the end of the month!

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