New Release: Darkside Seattle: Meat

Dave’s comfortable wage slave job as a security guard for Godhand International ended. Two weeks ago. Right after he returned to work from paternity leave.

Great timing.

The bills don’t care if he has a job or not. His wife sure does, though.

You know what meat is? It’s the stuff you put through the grinder.

This installment in the Darkside Seattle novella collection takes place after the events in Fixer.

Notice to my regular readers that Darkside Seattle is written under a separate name because it invokes much darker and more adult themes. These stories employ vulgarity, sex, drugs, graphic violence, and other fun stuff. Gentler readers are cautioned to steer clear.

But I’ll tell you upfront that the baby doesn’t die. I’m not a monster.

Pick up Meat today! Coming next in this collection: Ghost and Sniper. These two ladies will complete the novella collection. What comes after that?

The novels.

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