#NaNoWriMo is Coming

Year number 9, here I come. Also? Win number 9. Because I will win again. It’s not in doubt. The doubt is over when and by how much.

This year, I have three complications to NaNo.

  1. I’m an ML. This isn’t much of a complication, since it really just means a little extra work in September and October. I did it last year and the only way it interfered was later in the month (after I already had my win) when people stopped showing up to the write-ins and I had to sit alone with my laptop in strange places instead of working from home. No biggie.
  2. I’m working 4 conventions between now and Thanksgiving. Renton City Comic Con is this weekend at the Renton Red Lion on S Grady Way. This is my second year doing Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma. After that is EuCon in Eugene, Oregon, followed by a return appearance at OryCon in Portland. That’s it for me for the rest of the year, but it’s a total of 9 days out of November when I won’t have time to write more than a handful of sentences. Plus the 3 Mondays following when I’ll be half-dead. 12 days is almost half the month. What idiot arranged that? (Me. It was me.)
  3. My home front situation is less than ideal. A little over two years ago, my kids and I moved in with my folks. Everything seemed great until health issues started to infringe. Now my dad is in hospice care. If you’re not familiar with the term, it means he’s not expected to be with us much longer. This is kind of a downer for creativity. It’s also eating time out of my day as things happen that need to be dealt with and I’m the one strong/skilled enough to do it.

Despite all that, I anticipate having the first draft of Spirit Knights 4: Ghost is the New Normal complete by the end of the month. If I’m lucky, I might have something else to go with it. We’ll see.

If you have no idea what NaNoWriMo is, go check it out!

2016 Sucks. Still.

I have work to do. My projects are many and my deadlines loom like a looming thing that looms loomingly. Or something like that.

Ever since that repulsive Trump video surfaced, I can’t stop watching political coverage. I wonder what mad thing will happen today, what disturbing new revelation will come up. And I don’t even care, because I’m not changing my vote at this point.

Fiction isn’t allowed to be this messed up. Fiction has to make sense and be believable. Protagonists and antagonists alike need to have clear motivations and goals or they aren’t relatable or understandable. Even when we blur the lines between good guy and bad guy, we still need to have some overarching plot that paints a context so there’s a story.

No wonder I can’t stop watching this stuff. It’s insane. We’re at the point now where we debate whether facts are facts or not. It’s not about massaging data to support a point anymore, something politicians have been doing since caveman days. It’s about claiming the data are generated by a conspiracy and not really factual.


I didn’t watch any of the previous three debates, and I’m not watching tonight’s either. The highlights have, thus far, been plenty to make me uncomfortable.

I think all the beloved artists dying this year somehow destabilized the Earth’s orbit or something. #startanewconspiracytheory

#Cyberpunk New Release: Introducing Darkside Seattle

I’m tired.

Between the start of a new school year, a bunch of conventions, finalizing a few projects, and driving a lot (still! again!), September has been quite a month. Here’s the cool thing I’ve been working on for a while without saying one effing word about it:

Ladies and gentlemen, meet my new cyberpunk novella series. Darkside Seattle is a character-driven series of origin stories depicting a grim, cybered future full of complex people who want to be good guys. Government surveillance is cranked up to 11, the rich are very rich, and the poor eat PROCESSED FOOD PRODUCT.

Hideo had everything–a beautiful wife and daughter, a penthouse suite, and a career as a highly skilled surgeon. Emphasis on “had”. Now he’s stuck where no one wants to be: Darkside Seattle. Crumbled buildings, broken roads, and failed lives litter his struggle to find a way out of this mess.

Now available on Amazon!

I plan for this series to have 8 novellas and at least 2 novels over the next few years. It has supplanted Chowndie, the book that may never be, in my priority list. I still hope it can come together, but I’ve accepted the fact it’s just not working. But this series is. With luck, I’ll have the second installment this winter, and both Spirit Knights book 4 and The Greatest Sin book 5 this spring.

Road Trip Wrapup

I’m home. Finally. Because I had to fly across the country twice after I got back from Kansas City (for personal reasons), it’s taken me a couple of days to really recover from all the traveling. now safely ensconced in my bean bag chair once more, I have a lot of work to do. The goals I outlined earlier this year for my writing tasks won’t be met, and I already know that. Now, I’m focused on the most important things: Spirit Knights #4, Ilauris #3, cyberpunk, some dragons, and a few anthology submissions.

Coming soon: a cyberpunk novella still in need of a title! With luck, it’ll be available in time for GeekGirlCon.

In other news, while I was gone, someone stole the dragon from my front yard, which is a unique 70-pound reclaimed metal structure. May whoever took it get everything they deserve. I have serious doubts I’ll ever see it again, but it’s been reported to the police anyway.

I live in a dragon guarded castle

Should you happen to see it someplace, let me know.

And now, some pictures from the trip. In reverse order, because I’m ornery like that.


Nothing says excitement like Deadpool at WorldCon!


The debut of The Greatest Sin’s new covers at WorldCon. Aren’t they pretty now?


I’m still geeking out over meeting Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon at WorldCon.


From a much-needed few days of downtime.


GenCon had the truck and everything. They left markers so folks could write on the wall.


Myths & Legends Con in Denver–a small con with a big heart.


In Denver, I acquired a Temporary Helpful Writing Cat.


Best cosplay of Mawg ever. At MALCon.


Chimichangas, anyone? From GenCon


This dude rocked the Finn cosplay. At GenCon


I saw this guy and thought, “OMG, that’s almost Justin!”

#GenCon2016 was Awesome and Strange

GenCon was last weekend. The hotel I stayed at had really horrible and unrelaible internet, so as I type this on Tuesday morning, I’ve been in a nerd cave for a little over a week, driving and working. I have no idea what’s going on in the world, except that I’ve caught some random snippets of the Olympics, including the atrocious men’s gymnastics opening. Ouch.

Prior to arriving in Indianapolis, one exciting thing happened that I must mention. My car, a two-year-old Ford C-Max that I love, decided I should not drive for 5 hours without a break. This happened quite by accident, as I normally stop every 2-3 hours to use a bathroom, but my head was elsewhere, I suppose, and I wasn’t hydrating properly. When we did stop for lunch, the car chose to disengage its power steering, which was kind of scary in the sense of “OMG, we just started this trip and my car is breaking!”. Fortunately, after another two stops, it re-engaged of its own free will.

Fun fact: the C-Max doesn’t have a power steering fluid reservoir. The car is fine and hasn’t so much as hiccupped since. I got an arm muscle workout for several hours and no other effect.

We arrived in Indy on Tuesday, close to dead and ready to sleep. The con began with setup day on Wednesday. This was also errand day, since Jeff and I had been on the road for a week already by then. Thus, we discovered that while the hotel claims to have a laundry in its Guest Services booklet, and signs on the wall point to it, the hotel had to laundry. They hope to install one in the next year. Fantastic. Coin-op for us.

Setup went fine. It was hot and I had to haul books from a parking garage to the convention center. Could have used the marshalling yard. Chose not to. Exercise is good for me, especially after several days of nonstop driving. Car got a scheduled oil change, during which they found no longering effects of the power steering issue. I acquired pie from a grocery store. It was okay, but not as good as homemade or Ragbrai pie.

Thursday at con began with greeting all the people I met last year, including the Brain Lag folks, Rocco the Excellent, and several others. Of course, Tom Gondolfi of Tanstaafl Press was there, a good friend who I only ever see at cons despite living within 20 minutes of each other.

And then it began. A few things stood out this year. The Clockwork Dragon table was close to a main walkway, yet very few folks came down the aisle from that direction. Most con-goers approached from the other side, which I did not at all anticipate. Our usual bread-and-butter customers–teenage girls interested in the four series of female-fronted YA we offer–seemed magnetically repulsed by our table. They scanned our titles, saw our banners, then averted their eyes and dove for the urban fantasy at the next table. Despite this, our YA book 1s almost sold out anyway, and we barely sold anything else. Very few people who bought a book from me last year stopped by to pick up the next in the series.

I actually brought a few extra copies of Illusive Echoes on the expectation that a few fans would top by and pick up book 4. Nope. Not a single one. Weird.

One woman did stop when she recognized Girls Can’t Be Knights, to tell me she wanted to whack that Lee French over the head with her cane, because the ending made it seem like there wouldn’t be any sequels. Didn’t recognize me, and she was mortified when we revealed she was, in fact, speaking to Lee French. And then she didn’t get Backyard Dragons or Ethereal Entanglements.

Normal cons have a few sales on Day 1, a few more on Day 2, then a rush for the remaining days, as people like to browse at first and not blow all their money right away. They come back later and buy. This is common and expected. Usually, Sunday is our busiest day. Sometimes it’s Saturday, but Sunday is much more common. At GenCon, we had a normal Thursday, then Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were all about the same. Lots of empty time with no one in the aisle, which I expected, but not so much on Saturday and Sunday.

Even so, Clockwork Dragon had its best show ever, and we’re looking forward both to MALCon this weekend in Denver, and to Gencon 2017.

The Epic Road Trip of Madness

Jeffrey Cook and I left on Tuesday to drive a total of about 6500 miles, work a total of 13 convention and setup days, and suffer through the heat wave gripping the Midwest.

So far, it’s hot.

We carved out time to see Star Trek Beyond, which I heartily recommend, and are going to wedge in a showing of Jason Bourne later today. I also managed to get a sunburn by sitting in the shade for an hour. #pastywhiteproblems

You see, we’re taking our time getting to Indianapolis. Because we can. And if you can, you might as well. We’re seeing some sights, doing some things, and working out plots. No, not that kind of plotting. The book kind.

On the way back, we’re leaving Kansas City on the morning of the 22st. I have to be in Olympia by the evening of the 24th for personal reasons. Clever readers may notice that’s only 3 days to drive about 1900 miles. It’s certainly doable, but it won’t be much fun.

My posts will be light and sporadic–which is so totally unusual lately, I know–until September. I intend to try very hard to get back on the blogging track, but no promises. In the meantime, allow me to introduce you to Muffy. She first appeared on Edgewise Words Inn.

Muffy's Nefarious Plan


Today, I should be in Iowa. Instead, I’m in Puyallup, waiting for our house to clear after some work was done on our floors and getting ready to work Oregon Trail Days in Tenino this weekend. Monday, Jeffrey Cook and I leave for our leisurely drive to Indianapolis for GenCon.

But I should be in Iowa. I knew I would miss not doing Ragbrai this year, but I didn’t realize until this week that I would miss it this much. It feels like I’m letting my bicycle down. Since I knew I wasn’t going, I haven’t been riding. I’ve been working instead.

(See: Backyard Dragons, Ethereal Entanglements, Illusive Echoes, Merely This and Nothing More, and Unnatural Dragons, all released this year already. )

Corn isn’t the same without Iowa. Neither is bacon. I’m not saying bacon tastes like sawdust or anything, it’s just not the same as when it’s mixed into the chicken gyro for no reason other than Iowa, which you’re eating because you just biked 75 miles in 100 degree heat and brutal humidity after not really sleeping in 80 degree heat and even more brutal humidity plus a thunderstorm at midnight that almost destroyed your tent.

Muscle aches, saddle sores, grit, grime, sunburn, poor phone service, food poisoning, heat stroke, hypothermia, exhaustion, hail, thunderstorms, fatigue, store-made pie…these are only some of the myriad hardships we all willingly inflict on ourselves for one week. And I’m really quite upset to miss out on it this year.

Because I’ve made dozens of new friends, even if most of them were fleeting. I’ve had the best pie in the known universe. I’ve hit the groove on day 4 and reached the point where I could just ride and camp forever. I’ve laughed with strangers and gotten pictures of myself with people in bacon and cow suits. I’ve picked up souvenirs I could never get anywhere else. I’ve seen chocolate covered frozen cheesecake on a stick (didn’t get to eat it, but I saw it, which is a lot like seeing Bigfoot).

Most of all, it’s so damned uplifting to be surrounded by thousands of people united by one unimpeachably positive thing: a love of bicycling and/or bicycles.

The Adaptive Sports folks are awesome. So are the Air Force folks. The costumes make you smile even in the darkest, deepest pit of despair that comes at the bottom of the umpteenth hill to climb when it’s too hot and you’re too tired, and &^%* that hill, I want ice cream.

Stay cool, Ragbrai. I hope to see you next year.