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Unnatural Dragons – A Science Fiction Anthology from Clockwork Dragon


True to it’s premise, this anthology presents four very different stories of dragons. From Lindsay Schopfer’s tale of a planet devoted to entertainment using people resembling creatures of fantasy, to a future imagined by Jeffrey Cook where A.I.’s have taken over and humans create dragons as a weapon to fight them, to a wild story from Lee French involving a portal to another world and mechanical dragons from this one, and finally to Sechin Tower who brings us an emotional story where a young dragon is conflicted by the attachment it feels to humans and the discovery of another of its’ kind and some of the most heartbreaking moments you may ever find in a short story..

Each story is well-paced and full of characterisation and action. More than that though is each story gives a look behind the curtain so to speak on how society works and where that…

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Sunday Surprise

Oh, look. I’m in a bundle. If you haven’t read Al-Kabar yet, now is a smashing time to pick it up with a bundle of other cool fantasy novels.

creative barbwire (or the many lives of a creator)

And this is the last author interview for the fantasy bundle. Stay tuned for more author interviews and more bundles. Ladies and gentlemen, last but not least, please welcome Lee French!

Where do you live and write from?

I live in Olympia, WA, the wacky heart of the Pacific Northwest. My workspace is a beanbag next to a coffee table and a large window with a view of the incessant rain. Sometimes, the sun comes out. It’s disturbing and distracting.

Why do you write?

I write because not writing is harder. After a few days without writing, unless I’ve been doing physically exhausting work, I get cranky and weird(er). At this point, I’m more or less unable to work at a regular job anymore because my writer brain muscles are so strong.

When did you start writing?

Shortly after I started reading. I was a late bloomer, not really grasping…

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Sunday Surprise

creative barbwire (or the many lives of a creator)

One more for the ride! And one more that I met in person! I am thrilled to have her onboard! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Debbie Mumford!

Where do you live and write from?

I make my home in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of the USA. Vancouver, Washington to be exact. No, not Vancouver, British Columbia, that’s in Canada, several hundred miles north of where I live. Vancouver, Washington is just across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon, and in some ways, is a bedroom community to Portland.

As to the question of my writing, I don’t have an actual office. I write on a MacBook Pro laptop, sitting in my favorite chair in the living room … with my feet up. What can I say? I’m into comfort! With my body at ease, my mind is free to wander into other worlds and visit possibilities of existences other than…

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New Release: What We’ve Unlearned #ebooks #book

Writerpunk Press has put out their newest anthology, and I’m so pleased to have a story in it. What We’ve Unlearned: English Class Goes Punk has been unleashed!

My story is titled A Connecticut Rigger in King’s Court. I hope Mr. Twain would be amused by my cyberpunk rendition of his story. For it, I began with the question, “What if Ada Lovelace was a time traveler from a cyberpunk future?” Madness ensues.

As with all the Writerpunk titles, all profits benefit the PAWS no-kill animal rescue in Lynnwood, WA. I’m pleased and proud to support this award-winning charity project.

Ebook Bundles

A good post on ebook bundling that happens to discuss a bundle including Al-Kabar.

D J Mills Writer

Have you thought about participating in eBook Bundles? sells eBook bundles at all eBook distributors as well as on their own web site.

I have heard good things about BundleRabbit, so uploaded Rider, the first in my Tracker Series, to see how the process worked. And have been selected for an upcoming bundle.

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#amblogging: WordPress Blues

Connie is on point, as usual

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

wordpress logoWordPress people…you have pissed me off.

For a year now you have been trying to shove this new, less-than-useful dashboard down my throat, and for that same year, I have refused to use it. You allowed me the option to stay with the expanded version that played to my needs, and so I didn’t complain.

Today, however, you  cut off my simple access to the old, better-for-my-purposes dashboard, and forced me to hunt for a way to get back to it. So rather than the post I had intended, we are going to discuss how a determined blogger can get around your arbitrary decision.

I do not post my blogs from a cell phone. For those people who do, I am sure the bland wall of white fog that is the new default dashboard is fine, but for me it is NOT USEFUL.

First of all, the writing is pale…

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