Book Review: Mimir’s Well (The Oracles of Kurnugi #3) by @GamaTheWriter

Mimir’s Well (The Oracles of Kurnugi Book 3) by Gama Martinez – 5 stars

With the identity of their mysterious foe finally revealed, Henry and Andromeda journey into the land of Viking myths searching for the Oracle of the Past. Armies from many worlds clash in a battle for the fate of human imagination. Once again, the future rests on Henry’s shoulders, but how can he possibly stand against the powers of the gods?

In fairness to this book, I have not read the first two in the trilogy. In fact, because of how I stumbled across it, I had no idea it was the end of a trilogy, thinking instead it was the third of a longer series. Despite that, I found this book to come very close to standing on its own. It had a few moments where I had no context to understand some minor point, yet that had no real impact on my ability to enjoy the book.

Based upon reading this, I highly recommend the first two, Delphi and Stepmother’s Mirror. Henry and Andromeda are both great characters. The dwarves cracked me up. The gods are depicted well, as are the various mythological sites and stories. Though I missed the opening setup from the first book, I deduced the gist of it well enough to find the resolution satisfying.

I recommend this trilogy to anyone who loves fantasy involving the Greek or Norse gods, or Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court style stories.

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