All Moon Shades, All the Time

Moon Shades is done. This is the first time I’ve ever had a designated release date that falls more than a week after the point when the book is ready to go live. If you’re interested in an ARC (Advance Review Copy), head over to the Become A Fan page and sign yourself up by the end of the week. Please be aware that this ARC comes with the expectation that you’ll actually post a review of the book. It would be really great if you can manage it before the 16th on Goodreads, but I understand if you can’t read it that fast.

It can be found on Goodreads now, and will be available for sale as both an ebook and print book on May 16th.

This book follows the tradition set by Harbinger: it’s about 10,000 words longer than the previous book. There’s that much more of Chavali and the rest of your favorite Fallen agents to love. With so many words to work with, we managed to fit in nearly everyone.

This time around, the mystery Chavali has to solve comes as a surprise. She’d rather spend her time with her tiny clan, but her temper–complicated by cabin fever–gets her into trouble. You’re shocked, I know. I was shocked too. So shocked I fell out of my bean bag when I read that in Erik’s outline. It might, of course, have had something to do with my son jumping on me at that moment.

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