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New Release: A Curse of Memories #ebook #books #fantasy #series

Chavali is back in The Greatest Sin book 5: A Curse of Memories. Eldrack sets her on the trail of the traitor whose actions caused a fellow agent’s death, a mission she accepts with fervor.

The ebook is 99 cents until tomorrow, when it assumes its regular price. If you’re new to the series, you can meet Chavali for the first time in The Fallen, book 1 of the series. She’s a cranky, sarcastic fraud of a fortune teller happy to fleece strangers for the benefit of her clan by telling them exactly what they want to hear.

The world of The Greatest Sin has lost its Creator and hates that fact. Chavali doesn’t care, but she’s about to get dragged, kicking and screaming, into the quest to find the Creator and bring Her back.

Cover Reveal: A Curse of Memories

The Greatest Sin #5 doesn’t just have a title. It has a cover and a release date! Bask in the glory of A Curse of Memories.

It’s pretty. Pretty epic, amIright? See what I did there? Eh? Eh?

Epic fantasy!



Release date is July 11, and the ebook is currently in pre-order for 99 cents. You can find it on Amazon, Kobo, and a few other places. The price will go up on July 12th. Snap it up while it’s cheap!

If you haven’t heard of The Greatest Sin, it begins with The Fallen. Chavali, a cranky, sarcastic, and entirely fake fortune teller, hates people. Her job is dealing with them. Madness ensues. Also death, murder, abduction, magic, and prophecy. With snark. Lots and lots of snark.

I’m Going to Westercon! #westercon69

As part of Clockwork Dragon, I’ll be at Westercon this weekend, July 1-4 at the Doubletree on Multnomah in Portland, OR. I’ll have copies of both Illusive Echoes and Ethereal Entanglements, and it’ll be the first show for both titles. I’m excited! That makes a current total of 12 novels, 1 non-fiction book, and 2 anthology appearances. And I’ve got more yet to release yet this year.

Yes, I know. You’re tired of hearing about these two books already. So that’s that about that, at least for a while.

At Westercon, I’ll be participating in a few panels, which is both exciting and terrifying. It’s all writing-related stuff: Indie Publishing 101 (Saturday at 2), How to Revise (Saturday at 4), and Challenges and Joys of Collaboration (Sunday at 4). There’s one other thing. I’ve got a reading slot. If you’re going to Westercon, please come by. I haven’t decided what to read from, but it’ll be at 10am on Sunday, July 3 in the Madison room. Come, please. I’ll be a very sad dragon if no one shows up. But be nice, please, because I have anxiety issues.

New Releases and Excitement! #free #ebooks

This past Tuesday, Ethereal Entanglements released. This is book 3 of Spirit Knights, a young adult, paranormal, modern fantasy series about ghost hunting in Portland. Book 4 will have to wait a little while, as I have some other projects with deadlines to deal with. Hopefully, Ghost Is the New Normal will be out in time for Norwescon 2017.

If you missed it, Girls Can’t Be Knights rocketed up the Amazon charts to reach subcategory bestseller status on June 15-17 as a result of some professional promotions work, and it’s now in a whole lot more hands than it was before. I need reviews, though! If you’ve read it, please leave a review. A sentence or two is fine.

I also need reviews of book 2, Backyard Dragons. Comment with a link to your review of Knights–because book 2 has a much better grounding if you’ve read book 1!–and I’ll find a way to get you a review copy of Dragons for free. And if you’ve read Backyard Dragons already, link me to that review and I’ll get you a copy of Ethereal Entanglements. This is a limited time offer, available until July 20.

In other news, Illusive Echoes, book 4 of The Greatest Sin, releases on June 28. This series is epic fantasy intended for the older, adultier crowd. Not because it’s filled with sex and violence (some violence, no sex at all and only minor romance threads), but because Chavali is in her mid-twenties and her issues aren’t teenager issues. I would’ve read it as a teenager and been cool with it, but I was a precocious reader.

Book 4 brings tragedy to Chavali. Again. She’s on the warpath, looking for justice. Or maybe revenge. The spirits torment in new and exciting ways, and she has only her wits, crankiness, and sharp eyes to deal with that and more.

For this series, I’m also offering free copies of book 2 in exchange for reviews of book 1. Book 1 is The Fallen, an origin story for Chavali, who really thinks it’s none of your business. Book 2 is Harbinger, a mystery set in the coastal city of Ket, with plague, murder, and magic. If you’ve already read book 2, link me to your review and I’ll set you up with book 3, Moon Shades. And if you’ve already read that, the same goes for a review being worth a free copy of book 4. Like the Spirit Knights series, this offer expires on July 20.

Happy reading and reviewing!

Projects Abound #amediting #amwriting

Time for a project update!

I currently have two different books in the editing/revision phase, one in the proofreading phase, and four projects teed up for the rest of the year. This year, I’ve been making a big push to get things done before GenCon because I’ll be on the road for a month, during which little writing work will be done. While I’m not doing Ragbrai, I am working GenCon, MALCon, and WorldCon, in Indianapolis, Denver, and Kansas City, respectively. As such, I’ll have some clumped together releases in the next month or so. Here they are, in the order I hope to release them, plus my next year of intentions.

  1. Superheroes In Denim, hardcover. The peculiarities of working with hardcover formatting have slowed me down tremendously in getting the print version of this book out. I normally do both print and ebook versions at the same time and have both ready to go at the same time. Not so for this one! I’m hoping to have the hardcover ready by the end of the week.
  2. The Greatest Sin #4: Illusive Echoes. The cover isn’t done yet. It’s in proofreading, which means the text will be ready to go within a week or two. If everything goes according to plan, it’ll be ready in the first week of June.
  3. Unnatural Dragons: a science fiction anthology. The Clockwork Dragon team has been hard at work on an anthology of stories about dragons taking place in a science fiction environment. Because dragons in fantasy is too easy. So far, we’re on track for an early June release.
  4. Spirit Knights #3: Ethereal Entanglements. I’m looking to have this book ready for pre-order by June 14. When exactly it’ll be good to go after that is a question I can’t answer yet. As seems to be normal for this series, there’s a plot problem I still have to fix. Lucky me.
  5. The next Illauris book has begun. For a while over the winter, I waffled over which culture to feature next. I’m now firm on Myveshar as the setting and elves as the culture. This book has a tentative release date of late October, making it ready in time for Jet City Comic Show, EuCon, and OryCon, my last few shows of the year.
  6. Chowndie. This book, I swear. It’s about 25% written and I’m happy with what I’ve got so far. If I can release it in November, I’ll be ecstatic. December would also be acceptable, as would January…heckbiscuits. I just want this book to live.
  7. Spirit Knights #4: Ghost Is the New Normal. This book has a planned release date of Norwescon, which is Easter weekend of 2017. Despite not finalizing book 3 yet, I’ve already started writing it.
  8. Super Secret Dragon Project. Along with #6, I’m hoping to have a new dragon-centric book ready to go for Norwescon. Writing has begun on this as well.
  9. Super Secret Non-Dragon Project. This is something I’m doing on the side, in my copious free time. I’ve got some interesting plans for this one, and I’m hoping the first draft will be done sometime in October. Considering my summer/fall schedule, it may spill over into NaNoWriMo.
  10. Anthologies. I expect to have 2-3 anthologies I want to submit to, and that’s slated for my NaNo time.
  11. Super Secret Non-Dragon Collaboration Project. This one is so secret it doesn’t have a firm deadline, but we’re hoping for April.
  12. The Greatest Sin #5 is currently penciled into my schedule for release next May. Erik and I are hoping to stick with May for TGS releases for the future. Also, we’re intending to keep the rest of the books around the same length as Illusive Echoes, which is only a smidge longer than Moon Shades. Spoiler alert: we may fail at that and succumb to series length creep.
  13. Clockwork Dragon. The book–which will be a standalone collaboration with Jeffrey Cook–has a tentative release date of GEARCon 2017 in Portland. Yep, I really do plan that far in advance, you sometimes just can’t tell. If the project slips under the weight of good intentions, the backup release date is Steamposium 2017 in Seattle.

Is this ambitious? Yes. Is it also feasible? Heck yeah. Off to work I go.

Book Review: Lightning Rider by @JenGreyson

Lightning Rider by Jen Greyson – 5 stars

Time traveling was not on today’s agenda.
Racing to intercept her thieving soon-to-be-ex, Evy Rivera is thrown back to ancient Spain with no rules, no guidance, and brand new, badass lightning bullwhips.

~ ~ ~ ~ Tesla’s Time Travelers. Book 1 ~ ~ ~
Nikola Tesla’s time machine is no secret.

But what of his time-travelers? Men and women hand-selected and trained to alter history and save mankind. Again and again and again.

Evy Rivera is one, as is her father and his father before.

Too bad they didn’t know until yesterday.

Now, Evy must come to grips with being mankind’s guardian while learning the craft of arcing—traveling through time via white-hot bolts of lightning. Following orders has never been her strong suit and with a misogynistic tutor, she’ll be lucky to survive her first alteration: assassination of a Spanish legend.

This is the first story told in first person, present tense that I’ve ever truly liked, and I’ve tried a number of them. Evy is an incredible character full of life and fire, vulnerability and sass. Constantine is a fantastic foil for her and the rest of the supporting cast holds up their end. The time travel makes sense, which is a daunting feat.

The romance surprised me at first, then it felt very natural. Masterfully handled and bittersweet, I can’t wait for the chance to dive into the second book.

Although I think this book is awesome, I suspect it will appeal to women more than men. If you like sassy female narrators, though, you’ll like this book.

Book Review: Skeins Unfurled by @KmVanderbilt

Skeins Unfurled by K.M Vanderbilt – 3 stars

When the murder of a god shatters a thousand years of peace, chaos reigns among the known worlds. Even the Norns, blinded and stripped of their powers, cannot see how it will end.

Left without guidance, some gods choose to make their own fates. Others cannot. Old ties are torn apart while new ones are forged. And amidst that tenuous balance, ancient secrets emerge. War looms on the horizon.

In a struggle where battle lines constantly shift and allies just as quickly become enemies, nothing is sacred. For some, the end comes sooner than Ragnarok.

This book is aptly named. The threads of the plot, all tightly woven at the beginning, unravel until it’s unclear what matters and what doesn’t, and what the central conflict is. The writing itself is rich and delightful. The plot is somewhat confusing. it follows several characters, many of whom are obviously modeled on their namesakes from mythology, and all of whom are trying to push their will on some part of the multiverse.

I had a very difficult time determining who to feel sympathetic for, who the actual main characters are, and who should be labeled a bad guy. This is a story with flexible and gray morality, which is appealing in itself, but makes the characters challenging to suss out. I further found it confusing that the place labeled Midgard had little in common with Viking era Earth. Obviously, this is a fantasy tale, but with it using Earth-sourced religions, I expected it to use Earth as the basis. Dodriki is clearly not Earth.

The book felt like it would have made much more sense had the Breadth Key series come first and this been offered afterward as a backstory for the world. As a minor point, it amused me to see that a prequel had a prologue.

Overall, I recommend this for people who enjoy fantasy but have only basic/minimal knowledge of any of the involved mythologies, as advanced or in-depth knowledge will probably only cause the types of confusions I suffered.