GenCon 2015!

I normally have a book review on Fridays. This week, my Kindle had an issue. I had to switch mid-week to something else, so I didn’t finish either book. Hence, no review. Instead, I have brilliant news.

The official GenCon 2015 logo

I’m going to GenCon. The biggest, baddest, oldest gaming convention has accepted me into Author’s Avenue as an independent author. Unlike all my other convention appearances this year*, I’ll be there as me, and not as a member of NIWA. I love NIWA, it’s full of awesome people who are eager to help each other. I love me, too, and this visit to GenCon is so full of awesome, I’m having a hard time not running around the neighborhood, screaming my glee and scaring the neighbors.

My first GenCon happened *mumble* years ago, when I attended college in Wisconsin. At the time, the convention took place in Milwaukee, hosted by TSR, the original publisher of Dungeons & Dragons by Gary Gygax. They brought a giant reinforced cardboard castle and hosted Margaret Weis and her D&D-based books. FASA had a giant booth and held the Presidential election that put Dunkelzhan in office, and Westwood Studios gave away Command & Conquer (the original) t-shirts. (There was lots of other stuff, too.)

I attended three years in a row, then moved away after college. It became too costly to go when I needed airfare and a hotel room to manage it. Now, *mumble* years later, it’s held in Indianapolis and is even bigger (and older). Presumably, it’s also more awesome. I’m hoping I’ll have time to look around, while simultaneously hoping I’m so busy with the book selling that I can barely step away for five minutes.

*I am also confirmed to appear as a NIWA author in 2015 at Norwescon, GearCon, and WorldCon, all of which take place in the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, Portland, and Spokane, respectively). For anyone interested in NIWA and more of my blathering, you can find an interview for them I did here.

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