Feeling the Love

There’s nothing quite like the feeling that comes of creating a thing, then telling a complete stranger about it, and having them say, “That’s awesome. Here, let me pay you for having produced it.” It’s validating, and it happened to me over the weekend, more than once. Which is to say that my first real foray into book signings went well. Energized by success (as minor as it was), I’ve signed up for some conventions this spring and summer, and will have a full rundown as soon as the ones I had to apply for without getting immediate acceptance let me know what’s the what.

It also reminded me of something I’d completely forgotten about. Last October, I ran across Chris Kearns of Kearns Kreations LLC at the Fall Portland Home & Garden Show, which I attended as a guest. He creates sculptures from used metal scraps, and they’re pretty cool. Though it was kinda expensive, I bought one.

I live in a dragon guarded castle
I live in a dragon guarded castle

I’ve been asked several times if this is how I picture the dragons in Dragons In Pieces. The answer is ‘no’. I still like it. Chris has dozens of similar sculptures, in different sizes and price ranges. He can be found at http://www.kearnskreations.com if anyone is interested in similar awesomeness, though I suspect shipping costs would be prohibitive if you’re not in the Pacific Northwest.

Sharing the love feels twice as good as getting it in the first place. Good luck with your art, Chris!

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