Up Next: Damsel In Distress

The book is done. More or less. Hopefully. Despite this being my fifth, it’s still nerve-wracking to proudly proclaim that I’ve finished tinkering and futzing with a book and am now moving on to formatting and finalizing the covers. Damsel In Distress will be out in March. Given the way that it works for indie authors, I can’t say exactly what day is “release day” at this point, but I can say that I’ll be formally announcing it through various channels on March 20th. So, there’s still time for me to have a crisis of confidence about Chapter [whatever] and change things.

This book already has a Goodreads page. Which is cool. I’m excited. As with Dragons In Flight, the print version cover will be a little bit different than the ebook version. Not a lot, but a little.

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