The Fallen Gets To Tour, Too

I had a good time doing the Dragons In Pieces blog tour, and signed up to do more of the same for The Fallen. Now, this is the first book of a series, so I know some people won’t want to jump on board yet. I’m just about to start writing the first draft of the second one, as soon as I finish proofreading Damsel In Distress, which will be sometime this week. Fear not! This series will definitely go places. Glorious places! Epic places. Really strange places.

Diantha JonesWe’re doing a Blast with Masquerade Crew Tours this week. It’s a sizable list of blogs involved for a one-week-only thing, and the blast includes a $25 Amazon gift card giveaway. I’ll post the links here as soon as I can, so you can enter as many times as possible. The giveaway runs until 3/7.

Blast stops: The Masquerade Crew, Bookfever, Books Direct, Cherry Mischievous, Kelly P.’s Blog, Tome Tender, Brooke Blogs, The Library Mistress, The Mad Reviewer, Us and Three, Boom Baby Reviews, Fantasy Book Lane, Mary’s Cup of Tea, madscribedotme, The Shadow Portal, A Word Please, BC Brown Books, Worlds of Magic & Adventure, Kimichee, We Do Write, Dawn’s Disaster, fundinmental, Jillian Watts – Author, All That’s Written, Best Selling Author Mila A. Ballentine

Pause. Breathe.

The Fallen is also on a Fire and Ice tour! This one includes a Goodreads giveaway of 5 copies we’ve actually managed to both sign. This is a big deal! Erik lives in WA and I live in MA. These books have already traveled across the country twice, because our printer is in South Carolina. Links to this tour will also be posted here for posterity and glory and stuff.

2/24: Fantastic Indie Authors (interview with Erik)
2/25: Best YA Books of All Time
2/25: Literary Chanteuse 2
2/26: Peace, Love, and Writing
2/27: Coffee & Books & Art (guest post by me)
2/28: Indy Book Fairy
3/3: Rose Wynters
3/4: Lady Hawk’s Historical Fiction Blog
3/5: Book Freebies, Contests, & Giveaways
3/6: Hardcore Books, Video Games, and Readers
3/7: Bestseller Books
3/10: Pressed Leaf Publishing
3/11: Dystopian Novels
3/12: Cryptic Reads (positive review!)
3/13: Memories in a Box
3/14: Popular Fantasy Books List
3/17: Life of an Everyday BBW
3/18: Real Events and Real People (guest post by both of us)
3/19: Diane’s Book Blog
3/19: Laurie’s Thoughts & Reviews
3/20: Books & Chocolate
3/20: Ebook Readers Internet Cafe
3/21: The Best Indie Books To Read
3/24: Literary Winner
3/24: The Wytch’s Mirror

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