The Bakering Starts Here

I got other ideas while I was busy working on my NaNo. After a few notes got jotted down, I set each aside and went back to Damsel In Distress. Once I finished the first draft of that, I started mulling over those notes and thinking about what to do with them. The Baker of Brennan is one of those ideas.

My first thought was to use it as the seed for a book. As I pondered this, I simply couldn’t come up with a grand conflict worthy of a full novel. Perhaps I still will, but until such time as I do, I’m poking at some shorts that will reveal the characters stuck in my brain to me. These shorts will be all under the category The Baker of Brennan.

What will they be about? Your guess is probably as good as mine. They’re going to be a series of unplanned, off the cuff short tales that may or may not include elements of romance, fantasy, action, and adventure. Heck, they might even wind up just being character studies. That’s why they’re free. They will, however, definitely combine two things I love to do more than anything else: writing and baking. There might even be recipes at some point.

Relax, enjoy, and have a biscuit. For now, no set schedule of updates – they’ll get posted as they find their way onto the page.

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