Book Review: The Bones of Odin by David Leadbeater

The Bones of Odin by David Leadbeater – 4 stars

Part 1 – The Bones of Odin.

Did ancient Gods like Odin and Zeus and Thor once really exist?

The time has come for a grand adventure filled with high excitement and explosive action.

Matt Drake, a retired SAS officer, must unravel a mystery older than time in his search for the Nine Pieces of Odin. Though scattered aeons ago, it is believed that once the Pieces are reunited they will show the way to the Tomb of the Gods- the greatest archaeological find of all time.

From a rocket attack on the Louvre to a battle in a Swedish cavern, from a daring helicopter raid on New York’s National History Museum to an assault on a gangsters mansion in Hawaii, Matt Drake must find the world’s oldest treasure in one of the wildest places on earth, searching for the very bones of the Gods with the spoils of victory being the entire world.

Nearly nonstop action with entertaining characters. Drake is a particularly fun protagonist. I didn’t care for the shifting perspective, it seemed out of place sometimes, especially with the bad guy, and I would have preferred to stick with Drake. Otherwise, a solid read and a good romp.

I gave it four stars because the government-related parts strained suspension of disbelief a bit more than I could swallow. Also, I would have liked to see more puzzles or other Indiana Jones-style cleverness in the spelunking and tomb sequences.

I recommend this for anyone who likes action and adventure.

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