Crawlspace Released!

Emma Harper has a problem and she knows it. Now comes the hard part: escaping an alien space station with her Marines. In book 1, you probably thought she made it off the station at the end.

Not so much.

When the owners of the wormhole device return just in time to foil the team’s escape, Emma and her four Marines will have to find a way to evade capture long enough to get off the stupid space station.

Akata is nowhere nearby, hostile aliens swarm the station, and Emma doesn’t even know where to start.

Harper Revolution #2: Crawlspace is the sequel to Porcelain.

If you enjoy this series, there will be a prequel in the Rogue Skies box set, which is currently in pre-order and releases next fall. Click it now and magically get a book when you least expect it.

The prequel, Defiance, will star a new character, Abigail Park, and her little sister Victoria. Some abductees get rifles. Others…have a different experience. Abbie and Toria will join the rest of the Harper Revolution team in book 4.

With luck, book 3 will release next fall along with the prequel!

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