Damsels, It Is Time To Self-Rescue

Today, April 16, 2019, is release day.

This project began many moons ago, as a mad idea full of ambition. Hey, let’s do an anthology! Sure! It’ll be fun!

To be sure, it has been fun. I’ve met people I wouldn’t otherwise have met. I helped some folks achieve a goal. Everyone involved has expressed their excitement, their general happiness at being part of this project, which has, in turn, made me excited and happy about it.

Kirkus Reviews has this to say about the finished product: “The tone ranges from light to dark … the diversity of premises and worlds makes for a delightfully unpredictable reading experience. … A hoard of fantasy tales that proves damsels can be as dangerous as dragons.”

Chris Mandeville, a fellow author (whose stuff is pretty awesome, so you should check it out), offers this: “A collection of the mythical, magical, and marvelous that delights and amazes. Self-rescuing damsels use their wits, their might, and their courage to rescue their lands and loved ones, as well as themselves, from a myriad of threats—ghosts and demons, barbarians and witches, mages and wizards, monsters and dragons. The adventures take you from rooftop to dungeon, from city to sea, from ancient Rome to the Wild West, never ceasing to entertain and inspire. A must-read for all who enjoy swords, sorcery, and strong female characters.”

Others are similarly enchanted by this collection, and I hope you will be too. The book is available in ebook, print, and audio. One-click today and get it for your platform of choice!

Purchasing this book will help make it possible to follow it up with an amazing volume of science fiction self-rescuing damsels!

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