Boys Can’t Be Witches Release Day #ebook #books #YA

Today is release day! Yay!

The final book of the Spirit Knights series, Boys Can’t Be Witches, is officially in the wild. Until sometime tomorrow, the book remains 99 cents. As is normal for this series, it’s not only available for kindle, but also in print and audio from a variety of outlets. For a value-added bonus, book 1, Girls Can’t Be Knights, is also 99 cents today. If you already have it and liked it, tell your friends so they can get hooked on the cheap too!

Portland has a lot of problems: ghosts, dragons, knights, mutant cockroaches, and now, witches.

Claire, Drew, and Justin haven’t dealt with their pasts yet. Not as much as they’d like to think, anyway. They’re a little shaky on the present too. Nothing is ever easy for our intrepid heroes, of course, and as usual, they’ll do everything the hard way whenever possible.

After this book, my attention is shifting to other characters in the world that contains Weirder Portland. I’m planning on exploring the past, introducing some new elements hinted at in these books, and taking a few other local characters out for a spin. I haven’t settled on which story to tell next, but you’ll see some hints of the future in the Short Story of the Month entries for the rest of the year.

Next up: Will Lee have anything interesting to say between now and the April SSoM? It’s a mystery!

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