New Ways to Support Indies (me)!

As usual, this month’s story is no longer free on the site. Can’t Go Back is now available on Amazon and Kobo for 99 cents USD. Want to read these stories for free? Sign up for my newsletter (link in the menu bar) and get an email every time they go live.

If you prefer to support me financially, first, you’re awesome and I like you. Second, I have a new way to do that, and you still get to read the stories, plus stories I’ve put into anthologies here and there, and maybe even a few exclusive flash pieces once in a while. It’s called Curious Fictions. The site is similar to Patreon, but specifically delivers short stories, which is pretty cool for us writery types. I’m still figuring out how it works, so my advice is to take a look and see if it’s a thing you can and want to do.

By the way, Clockwork Dragon has a Patreon, and our $5+ Patrons have had a final copy of Boys Can’t Be Witches for over a month already. Just sayin’. That’s for full-length books, concept art, early cover reveals, and the occasional exclusive whatnot. Curious Fictions is for short stories.

Gotta pay the bills and all that, and these tools are one more way to make it happen. Thanks for whatever support you can offer, and I hope you’re looking forward to next week’s release day!

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