#VirtualFantasyCon Is On #fantasy

Epic WednesdayDespite working away on NaNo, I’m also still working events. One such event is an online-only Facebook convention–Virtual Fantasy Con. It’s been set up by some lovely, apparently tireless people for all the folks who wish they could go to a con but can’t afford it, spare the time, get to one, handle crowds, find a babysitter, or whatever else holds you back.

It began on Sunday and continues through the end of the week. All the events are preserved online, so it doesn’t matter if you missed something awesome already, because it’s still there! I’ve got a “booth” today for Epic Wednesday. I could have signed up for several of the days, but chose to stick to one and focus on The Greatest Sin. There are plenty of other fabulous authors and folks hanging out, and you might even make some new F/SF enthusiast friends.

If you don’t use the Book of Faces, rest assured that I expect to find some new books for my shelf, and you’ll hear about them as I read them this winter and spring. 🙂

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