Diving Into The #NaNoWriMo Breach

It’s day 2. I’m excited! Aren’t you excited? I had to work all weekend, at the fabulous Jet City Comic Show, so I’ve barely started yet. Today is a day to do BICFOK (Butt In Chair, Fingers On Keyboard) for me. I have zero obligations during the school day today, chocolate at my desk, and cheesecake in my freezer. Bring it, NaNo.

Important things to remember this week:

Pace yourself. Don’t push so hard you burn into a crispy little pile of quivering word ash. Focus on the daily goal. If that’s a struggle, stop. Do some exercise. Speak to another human being. Let yourself watch a video. Read for half an hour. Spend fifteen minutes thinking about the scene you’re trying to construct. Visualize it in your head. Picture the characters. Consider the purpose of that scene. Then add some cheesecake.

When you’re cruising, let yourself cruise. Don’t worry about the cheesecake you just inserted into the scene. Or that dragocorn. The dragocorn is important, and besides, you can always replace it with something less awesome later. This world really can’t handle that level of awesome.

Yeah, I was a little surprised about this image existing on the first page of search results too.

Or maybe it can. What do I know?

The dragocorn is now wondering why you aren’t writing.

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