Writing Fatigue #amwriting #NaNoWriMo

I’ve been really busy lately. Between starting a new venture with friends called Clockwork Dragon, writing short stories for anthology submissions, prepping for NaNo, trying to set up write-ins for NaNo, appearing at events, setting up appearances at events in the future, barfing up promo artwork, and still managing to read books…

I started the most recent story, one about Colby’s (from The Greatest Sin) earlier life. When I showed it to my writing group, they all told me it sucked. They said it nicer, but that’s what their feedback came down to. It’s been a pretty long time since I got that response to something. Usually, what I do needs work, sure, but it never manages to pass my own internal checks and still come back with a “crap” label attached to it. While I may not always grasp subtle hints, this one managed to wriggle in and I realized that I’ve been pushing myself so hard in so many different directions lately that I needed some time to chill, play, and recharge.

This whole relaxation thing isn’t coming easy to me. I did manage to spend several hours playing Banished on Steam. And then I went to Reading in the Dark, a group book signing event. For the first time since I got back from GenCon, I threw myself onto my bike. And for the whole ride, I thought about how to make this other story better. I vow to try harder to goof off for a little bit, if only so I can look forward to cramming 10k in every day during November.

While still being a parent, making dinner every night, barfing out more promo artwork, running the NIWA booth at Orycon, managing write-ins, handling financial stuff for Clockwork Dragon, setting up appearances in the future…


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