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Happy New Year 2018

Spirit Knights 5: Boys Can’t Be Witches is officially out of revisions. Probably. I have one more day to waffle over it before sending it for copyediting. There might be a few more minor tweaks. We’ll see. Cover reveal coming soon!

This marks the second time I’ve ended a series, the first being the Maze Beset trilogy. This time is different because it’s a 5 book series, and I didn’t go into it intending to write a series. I feel…unsettled, I suppose. Like I’m putting something behind me, which is something I have no trouble doing, but at the same time, it’s hard to walk away from a collection of characters who so obviously have cool things yet to do.

Currently, I have loose plans for three more books in the same world, but none of them featuring Claire as anything more than a background character. Hopefully, she won’t elbow her way into a starring or co-starring role for these. My feeling at the moment is Claire is done being a YA character. When I come back to her in the future, she’ll be an experienced adult, and the world will be a crazy place. A crazier place.

In other news, the exciting thing today is Clockwork Dragon’s new Patreon. In case you’re not already aware, Clockwork Dragon is an author’s co-op (or coop, which also seems appropriate to me) I helped found. Four of us penmonkeys throw all our books on a table at a bunch of shows and sell them together. It’s so much easier than all four of us going it alone. Our Patreon will help us work these shows without feeling so much of a crunch to push, push, push, push the books. The lower our effective costs for any given show, the more fun we can have, the more bills we can pay, and the more time we can spend writing, which is a win for everyone, because then you get more books.

If you’re not familiar with my fellow co-op authors, I present to you Jeffrey Cook, Nikki McCormack, and Sechin Tower, who are all amazing writers. I enjoy hawking their books at least as much, if not more, than my own.

Writing Fatigue #amwriting #NaNoWriMo

I’ve been really busy lately. Between starting a new venture with friends called Clockwork Dragon, writing short stories for anthology submissions, prepping for NaNo, trying to set up write-ins for NaNo, appearing at events, setting up appearances at events in the future, barfing up promo artwork, and still managing to read books…

I started the most recent story, one about Colby’s (from The Greatest Sin) earlier life. When I showed it to my writing group, they all told me it sucked. They said it nicer, but that’s what their feedback came down to. It’s been a pretty long time since I got that response to something. Usually, what I do needs work, sure, but it never manages to pass my own internal checks and still come back with a “crap” label attached to it. While I may not always grasp subtle hints, this one managed to wriggle in and I realized that I’ve been pushing myself so hard in so many different directions lately that I needed some time to chill, play, and recharge.

This whole relaxation thing isn’t coming easy to me. I did manage to spend several hours playing Banished on Steam. And then I went to Reading in the Dark, a group book signing event. For the first time since I got back from GenCon, I threw myself onto my bike. And for the whole ride, I thought about how to make this other story better. I vow to try harder to goof off for a little bit, if only so I can look forward to cramming 10k in every day during November.

While still being a parent, making dinner every night, barfing out more promo artwork, running the NIWA booth at Orycon, managing write-ins, handling financial stuff for Clockwork Dragon, setting up appearances in the future…