Book Review: The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen by @annathepiper

The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen by Angela Korra’ti – 5 stars

On a night when wild magic erupts and sweeps through the city of the Athoden Clan, the princess and shieldmaiden Cerridwen finds herself transformed into a man, and that none among her people remember her true self. None save the others of her people who are also transformed… and Damhnait, the blacksmith’s daughter. Can Cerridwen and Damhnait save the other transformed victims before their own people sacrifice them to appease the angry gods?

This is a story set in the same universe as the author’s Rebels of Adalonia trilogy (written as Angela Highland), and is set in the distant past of that land.

This short story is told in fairy tale style, delving into the curious experience of not feeling at home in one’s own body. Cerridwen’s experience is interesting. It’s also deftly woven and skillfully done. The love story is almost cruel for the discomfort it causes both the character and the reader. One part of me thought ‘oh, this makes everything easier for them’ while another part saw the predicament for the tragedy that it is.

I found the story moving and subtle, rich and clever, and I wish it had been much, much longer. These characters and their plights deserve more time in the sunshine. Please, Ms. Korra’ti, consider another story or two with Cerridwen and Damhnait.

This story is highly recommended for anyone, though some may not enjoy the fairy tale storytelling style. It happens to be free until 9/19.

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