Girls Can’t Be Knights Cover Reveal

You’ve seen the blurb before. This book leaves the stable on June 12th. It’ll be available for pre-order starting June 3rd. Girls Can’t Be Knights is packed full of stuff in a compact, easy-to-devour form. It has ghosts, family, sarcasm, daddy issues, police brutality, callous disregard for authority, sarcasm, and adorable little girls in pink tutus with stuffed unicorns.

Claire likes her socks mismatched and her memories tucked safely out of reach. Justin suffers from an excessive level of sass in his life. Together, they aren’t going to fall in love, but he will teach her what it means to be a Spirit Knight, even if it kills them both.

Chapter by Chapter, a wonderful YA blog, is running a giveaway for this book until June 4th. Good stuff.


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