The Greatest Sin Welcomes Newest Member of the Series #fantasy

Moon Shades is live today, for real. This is, of course, the third book in the series. The first book is The Fallen. In that first volume, we meet Chavali, a cranky fortune teller suffering from uncontrolled contact telepathy. Even better, she sometimes gets to deliver genuine prophecies against her will. Her clan surrounds her with love and laughter and (sometimes too much) attention, yet the thoughts of others press on her whether she wants them to or not, giving her a jaded, cynical view of the world.

It’s the prophecy gift (curse) that causes all the real problems. When someone whose scruples fall on the “flexible” end of the spectrum discovers her, he’ll stop at nothing to control her.

In this third installment, she begins the real adjustments to the new life that despicable man forced her into. It starts with cabin fever and snowballs into unexpected intrigue. The bodies pile up and the snow keeps falling.


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