Once More for the Band: Moon Shades

I’m really happy with how the book turned out. Can you tell?

Moon Shades is available for pre-order on Amazon. I’ve never done a pre-order before. Usually, when the book is ready, I make it so. This time, the release date is May 16th, and it was ready early. To celebrate, The Fallen, as book one of a series that now has three parts, is now 99 cents for the ebook. If you’ve been waiting to pick it up until other people have something nice to say about it, this is a good time. It currently has a number of reviews, all of which are positive. As a value-added bonus, a handful or two of mistakes previously missed by our editor have been fixed.

For whatever reason, though the ebook is on pre-order, the paperback is actually available already. Apparently, having both versions work together for that would be too complicated. On the plus side, if you’re coming to Forever Knight Games in the Capital Mall in Olympia, WA on Saturday (5/16), you can have a paper copy of Moon Shades in hand courtesy of Amazon. I’ll only have one to show off. Because that’s how things work.

As with all my books, if you buy the paper version of the book from Amazon, you get the ebook version for free.

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