Book Review: Tales From the Dreamtime by @cjjasp

Tales From The Dreamtime: Three Modern Fairytales by Connie J. Jasperson – 4 stars

Three grownup Tales from the Dreamtime in one novella…

A conversation with Galahad,
A prince on a quest and a goddess in mourning,
A stolen kingdom and the Fractal Mirror.
Three tales of wonder and great deeds
Three tales of heroes and villains.

Open the door and enter the Dreamtime, the world of fairytales, the flower of all that is delightful and mysterious, frightening and amazing.

I have to say that the first story is well worth the price of the book, in either format. It’s a delightful re-imagining of a slice of the Holy Grail legend. The author creates a character out of Galahad that I’d like to sit down and have a chat with. Oh, wait. I already did, in this book.

The second story didn’t do much for me, though it’s cute and clever. This one suits the ‘fairy tale’ descriptor well, as it follows the format of a storyteller relating a tale, as fairy tales often are.

As for the final story, it’s charming and the reluctant prince is someone I could get swept away by. His princess is a scrappy, resourceful girl who I cheered for. My only disappointment is the flipping back and forth between showing and telling, of which there is more of the former than the latter. Even so, I enjoyed this final story quite a bit.

I recommend this for folks who like light fairy tales without the saccharine commonly offered for little kids.

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