Moon Shades is in the Home Stretch

I’m pleased to announce that The Greatest Sin #3: Moon Shades has a release date of May 16th. It will be ready for primetime by that date even if I have to Hulk Smash to make it happen. In a happy coincidence (not really), I will be appearing alongside a slate of other indie authors here in Olympia on that very day at Forever Knight Games in the Capital Mall. By my vague math, we’ll have at least 30 books of speculative fiction available to be bought and signed, including my co-author’s other book, Children Without Faces. If you’re in the area, we’ll be there from 1-9pm, and it’ll be a big pile of fun with a big pile of fun people. We have a handy FB event if you’d like a reminder there.

I’ve already shown the cover for Moon Shades here, but it’s beautiful, so here it is again.

Now, here’s the good part. I’ve recently opened up a new page on the site: Become a Fan. On this page, you will find a signup form. If you choose to sign up by May 9th, and you indicate that you want one, I will send you an ARC of Moon Shades as soon as it’s ready. This free book is offered with the small request that once you read it, you post a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. if you can’t get it read before the 16th, that’s okay.

If you sign up after that date, you’ll be able to get an ARC of my next book, which has a final title: Girls Can’t Be Knights. This is a Spirit Knights book. It may turn into a series, or it may not. I have ideas for a sequel, at any rate. I’ll talk more about that book next week.

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