The Greatest Sin #2: Harbinger

It lives! Erik and I are pleased and excited to announce that Harbinger is now available exclusively on Amazon, and in the Kindle Unlimited borrowing program. The print version will be available next week. It (and The Fallen) will be touring blogs in the nearish future. Which is more fun than a barrel of cats with slingshots and bananas. (It’s actually fun, in case that metaphor isn’t clear.)

Finishing this book and getting it out the door has consumed me for the past month, and I’m proud of it. After the horrific upheaval of The Fallen, Chavali gets some time to figure out what she’s doing. Not nearly enough, but some. The past, the future – both matter, no matter how little she wants to think about either.

In this installment of The Greatest Sin, she travels with Colby, Portia, and a new gentleman introduced in Chapter 1. They bring out the best and worst in her, and force her to deal with things she’d rather avoid. One of those things? The matter of the greatest sin itself. In The Fallen, we didn’t talk much about it. In Harbinger, the subject is discussed. Starting with this second book, it becomes Important.

I must admit that I considered using a fish for the cover, instead of a knife. You’ll see why! The knife, though, is so much more a theme of Chavali’s life and this particular part off it. Seriously. I challenge you to find all the ways in which a blade plays an important part of this. In order to do that, of course, you’ll have to read it.

I’m sneaky like that.

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