Shadow & Spice is now available

Cats! Shadow & Spice is a short story about cats. Familiar cats, specifically. Shadow, who was born in Damsel in Distress, isn’t just any old cat, and it’s actually kind of sad, in some respects. He can’t just hang out with regular cats anymore, because they’re dumb. He’s been gifted with human level intelligence, among other things. Aside from his pet human Connor, he has no one to talk to.

Until now.

This story was a joy to write, and I hope it’ll be at least amusing to read. Unlike Damsel, this tale isn’t dark or particularly poignant. It’s just a lonely guy, trying to do some good in a world that doesn’t notice or care much. That lonely guy happens to be a cat, so he’s got some peculiar ideas, and some unusual limitations – like not having thumbs.

Now available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, and Inkbok.

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