Announcing Damsel In Distress

I am pleased to announce Damsel In Distress is live and ready for the world on Amazon, in both ebook and trade paperback. This is a story documenting the life of Sabetia, a girl raised by her mother to be good and quiet and obedient. When her father starts noticing she’s growing up, he fobs her off on the first suitor he finds worthy to avoid dealing with his own darker impulses.

Jason, the husband, takes her into his home when she’s only fourteen. This is an acceptable age – if a little young – in the Four Kingdoms of Ilauris, where the power of a woman is measured by how well she marries and how many children she produces. Jason is handsome, suave, and much older and more experienced. It all starts so well.

In some places, this book will trick you into thinking it’s a romance. In others, epic fantasy or adventure. Sabetia isn’t prepared for any of it. She’s just a girl, after all, and one who’s lived her whole life behind the walls of luxury. Her black and white view of the world doesn’t fit in the harshness of glaring reality, and her strength will be tested, over and over.

It can also be found listed on Goodreads. Watch for a blog tour, coming soon.

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