The Fallen: now available

I’m extremely excited to announce the release of The Fallen, the first book of The Greatest Sin. This new fantasy series stars Chavali, the Seer of the nomadic Blaukenev clan.

It is co-authored by Erik Kort (@ErikMKort on Twitter), a good friend of mine for several years. We live on opposite coasts, but collaborated for this story through the miracle of the internet.

Like the Maze Beset series, The Greatest Sin also grew from a role-playing game – this one was a Dungeons & Dragons (3.5 edition) game. Chavali is a character I grew to love in Erik’s masterfully wrought world of Tilzam. Much like that Game Master to Player dynamic we had in the game, I wrote the book from Chavali’s perspective, using his setting and story lines.

The book is available to be borrowed through the Kindle Prime program, and is for sale as an ebook. The paperback version will be for sale shortly.

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