Spirit Knights

My flagship young adult series is set in Weirder Portland, and is complete. More stories in this world, before the series, after it, and in other locations, are coming in the future.

The Spirit Knights have been a boys’ club for a long time–over two thousand years. No one, not even Claire, believes it when she shows all the signs of becoming one. Worse yet, she has to dive into this ghost-hunting job before she can get access to the Knights’ toys.

Fortunately, she has Justin to learn from. Brash and prone to dumb ideas, he can handle taking her under his wing. With the help of his sarcastic horse and saintly wife, he’ll teach her the finer points of the job. Add in a little luck and they both might survive long enough for her to learn it all.

This entire series is available in ebook, print, and audiobook. Find book 1 (and the rest!) on Amazon, Kobo, and elsewhere.

War of the Rose Covens is a standalone title that takes place directly after the events of the Spirit Knights series.