2019 Ends.

I’m done releasing things for this year. That means it’s time to do a year-end list of All The Things! Yay!

These are the books I released in 2019. Some are novels, some are novellas.

Darkside Seattle: Hacker
Harper Revolution 2: Crawlspace
Harper Revolution 0: Defiance
Harper Revolution 3: Backslide
Stardrifters 1: Dragoncaller
The Greatest Sin 6: Charred Roots
Clockwork Dragon
War of the Rose Covens

I edited both Swords, Sorcery, & Self-Rescuing Damsels and Doorways, a pair of very different anthologies.

This year, I appeared in two anthologies: Well…It’s Your Cow and Noise: a speculative fiction anthology.

There were only 11 Stories of the Month this year, as that chapter of my life has ended:

Space Angel
Throwing Off His Shackles
Everybody’s Mom
Hexed & Confused
Raspberry Karma
Taking Power
Bruja in the Bosque
Interpersonal Garbage
Never a Pawn

Required disclaimer: All of the above links are Amazon Affiliate links. Most of the books are also available on Nook, Apple Books, Kobo, and other places. Check your library if you can’t afford the books and request whatever you’re keen to read! Libraries are awesome!

Out of that Story of the Month list, I think Sleepwalking is the best one. I’m also really proud of HR0: Defiance. Having Clockwork Dragon as a book that exists, even if it’s only a novella, is a tremendous relief. The Greatest Sin looked like it might stop at 5 for a little while there, so having 6 come out this year was also a relief.

For next year, I’m looking forward to about the same number of book/novella releases. I’ll talk about that later.

In the meantime, I hope your December is treating you well. Mine is…let’s call it a needed break after an intense November.

And if you decide to pick up any of these books or stories, please leave a review. Tell your friends about the stories you love. It’s hard for anyone to get noticed these days, and you’d be surprised how much it helps when you tell just a few friends about the awesome book you just read.


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