New Release: Clockwork Dragon

Several years ago, Jeffrey Cook and I decided that the mascot of our co-op, Clockwork Dragon, needed a book. At that time, we hadn’t yet written any books together. We had grand plans for the book. It was going to release that fall, then the next summer, then…

Then it slid again and we started saying “someday.”

It is now someday.

Clockwork Dragon, the novella, is a gothic fairy tale about heart.

Dwago is a naive Edwardian gentleman living inside the body of a very small clockwork dragon. He inhabits a bright, wonderful world with a loving master and the man’s adorable daughter.

This story is appropriate for ages 8 and up, though it was written for adults. To accommodate younger readers, the chapters are relatively short, as is the entire book. We happen to think adults will find it charming too.

Now available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited, and also in print. My next show, Victorian Country Christmas in Puyallup, WA, will feature copies of this book for sale.

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