NaNoWriMo 2019 is Underway

As I do every year, I have embarked upon the annual tradition of cramming as many words as possible into November so I have a few releases ready to go in the first half of the next year.

This time, I’m working on the sequel to Dragoncaller, which will release in summer 2020. If you’re the kind of person who likes to wait until a series is done before getting into it, then you might be ready for this one next fall. Jeff and I are hoping to have the third book of this space opera trilogy release next October. About a year from now.

My second project–because I always have at least two–is the next book set in the Spirit Knights world, Death and Dragons in Omaha. This one will be a standalone. As noted in the title, it takes place in Omaha, not Portland.

I believe I’m done with Portland for now. At some point, I may return there, but for the next while, I have other projects and would like to get to another series set in the Boston part of the Spirit Knights world.

How is my NaNo actually going? Swimmingly, as usual. I’ve never met a NaNo I couldn’t blow through at high speed. Except that one year, but we don’t talk about that. So far, I’m a day ahead of my personal targets.

If you’re also doing NaNo, first, you should be writing. But second, how is yours going? I love to hear about triumphs and commiserate about difficulties.

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