Rogue Skies Lives!

Many moons ago, I announced that Defiance, a prequel of sorts for the Harper Revolution series, was selected for inclusion in Rogue Skies, a limited edition collection of fantasy and science fiction books.

The wait has ended and it is live today. In the event you did not pre-order it, you can buy it and get 20+ books on your eReader to devour now.

Choose your doom!

Defiance is a story about people snatched from their homes. It’s about tyranny, injustice, and finding ways to beat the crap out of those things.

Originally, I had thought about doing a prequel featuring Ethan. But in the end, this series is about 18-year-old girls. While we could argue that Marines are aliens of a sort, they’re not the kind I’m interested in as a fantasy and science fiction writer.

As such, this book introduces Abigail and Victoria Park, sisters groping to fill the void left by their father’s death. They get sucked through a wormhole along with the rest of the people in their taekwondo dojang during a class.

Expect to see Abbie and Toria again in book 4.

Also expect Defiance never to be this cheap again. It’s 99 cents as part of Rogue Skies, and along with it, you get a bunch of other books too. Even if you only like a few, you’re still getting a great deal.

At this point, you may be wondering a few important things. Things like, book 4? Aren’t we only up to book 2 so far? How long do I have to wait for the series to complete? Will I get left with a cliffhanger?

Book 3, Backslide, is now available for pre-order on Amazon. It releases next week, September 24th. It’ll show up on the other outlets eventually. I frequently have ill fortune trying to get the other ebook sites to set up on my timetable.

This series is scheduled to complete with book 5. Savvy observers may have noticed that book 2 released last May, so I’m not sitting my thumbs here. It is my current plan to release books 4 & 5 next year, in 2020.

0% of the Harper Revolution books end with a cliffhanger. 100% end with more possibilities.

At this time, there is no plan to follow Harper Revolution with other books in the same universe.

Thanks for your support!

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