Rogue Skies Is In Pre-order

Welcome to the Rogue Skies. Over 20 science fiction and fantasy books from award-winning, bestselling, and emerging authors await you. Click here to pre-order now!

I’m excited to announce this set because it contains a prequel for the book nearest and dearest to my heart. Porcelain is a book I wrote because I had something specific and important to say. It’s about self-image. Specifically, it’s about how pernicious and destructive we can be to ourselves and our friends. It’s also about how to recover and rebuild.

The prequel, Defiance, features a new character in the Harper Revolution series, Abbie Park. She’s scheduled to appear in the series starting with book 4. This story is also about self-image, and grieving.

Abbie’s father died a month ago. She’s fine.


To keep from feeling it, she won’t stop moving, dodging, and weaving. Together with her little sister Toria, Abbie gets yanked through a wormhole just like Emma, Ethan, and the rest of the Marines did.

Forced out of her comfortable routine, Abbie will have to face everything she’s avoided dealing with. The aliens on the other side, of course, have plans for both sisters, and they don’t involve time to think or mourn.

This is the first time I’ve written a character involved with one of my personal hobbies. In this case, Abbie and Toria are both taekwondo students. I’m incredibly grateful to my instructors and fellow students for their willingness to answer questions and let me bounce ideas off them.

20+ books for 99 cents is a great deal, especially with the caliber of authors involved. One-click today to reserve your copy and help me get more attention on these books.

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