Bundles and Box Sets and Releases, Oh My! #ebooks #CursedLands #Storybundle

2019 is starting off with something of a bang for me. The first two books of The Greatest Sin, The Fallen and Harbinger, are included in a Storybundle of fantasy detectives. Erik and I are incredibly pleased to have the books in this collection, along with stories by notables such as Dean Wesley Smith, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and Kevin J. Anderson.

Part of what you pay for these books can be a charitable donation to AbleGamers, a cause I approve of wholeheartedly. Their mission is to help people with disabilities enjoy video games.

This storybundle is only available for a limited time, so snap it up right away.

I’ve also got a book in a box set currently in pre-order on iBooks, Nook, and Kobo. Cursed Lands is a YA/NA collection of dystopian, urban fantasy, and paranormal romance titles by 20+ authors for 99 cents. My book in this set is War of the Rose Covens, a new Spirit Knights novel that takes place after the Spirit Knights series. The ebook will be available exclusively through the set until next fall.

I understand a lot of folks prefer to get their ebooks on Amazon. The set will be available there soon. If you’d like to support me–and a bunch of other excellent indie authors–reach more readers and climb another rung on the ladder to financial solvency, I ask you to consider buying this set twice: once on any of these three platforms, and once on Amazon.

What?!?!?! How dare I suggest such a ridiculous thing?!?!??!?!!

Every sale of this set helps improve its visibility on that respective platform, which helps improve my overall visibility on that respective platform. Also, it’s 99 cents. 22 books for $1.98 (if you buy it twice) is still a phenomenal deal. More visibility = more sales = more books produced!

I would be lying if I didn’t admit that lackluster sales have something to do with the delays on The Greatest Sin book 6. And also the lack of new Ilauris titles.

And finally for now, my next release is two weeks from today. Darkside Seattle: Hacker is in pre-order, also for 99 cents. You can get it on Amazon or Kobo. I’ll have physical copies at shows starting in March.

This is the fourth installment of the collection, featuring a black man in a wheelchair. Like everyone in the Darkside, he’s kind of an asshole. Trayvon wants revenge, fancy food, and a girlfriend who respects him. He may or may not get any of those things.

This volume contains sex, drugs, and vulgar language. Not so much on the violence this time. The next one will have more violence. Also, the Darkside Seattle stories are all self-contained and stand on their own. Each features a very different main character.

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