2018 Awards Eligibility for Lee French #amwriting

I’ve never done one of these posts before! Whee! A few fine folks recommended that I start doing these every year, so here I am, starting to do these every year.

This is what I released in 2018:

Darkside Seattle: Mechanic is a cyberpunk novella. It was fun, and I enjoyed working on it. Warning: lots of swearing and violence. No sex, though.

Boys Can’t Be Witches is a YA urban fantasy novel. It’s a book 5, though, and ends a series, so I don’t really see any serious value in including it in the list. Still, it was published this year. Also in audiobook format, which is often a separate category.

Porcelain is YA space opera portal fantasy. Book 1 of a new series, and book 2 will be out next year sometime. It’s solidly science fiction, and covers serious topics, including bulimia and date rape. The book does not have any actual scenes of sexual assault, and neither will any of the rest of the series, not even in flashbacks. The main character is a survivor.

Nova Ranger Academy is a military sci-fi superheroes novel co-authored with Jeffrey Cook. It’s grown-up stuff that includes family-based issues, violence, and swearing.

Carnival is an anthology I edited for the Northwest Independent Writers Association. This is a genre mixed-bag collection of stories on the theme of “carnival” and set in the Pacific Northwest.

Hideous Progeny has a story of mine, a cyberpunk adaptation of “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” titled “Hollow.”

Enter the Aftermath has a story of mine, a post-apocalyptic fantasy story about a dragonslayer with no more dragons to slay: “Bottled Fire.”

Well…It’s Your Cow also has a story of mine, “Ending,” which is…not really like anything else I’ve ever written, except it sort of is? I’m still not entirely sure where it came from, but it’s sci-fi.

I don’t know if any of the Stories of the Month would actually qualify for anything, but if they do, here’s the full list from 2018:

Frigid Shame (superhero)
The Price of Tea (Asian-inspired fantasy)
Can’t Go Back (redemption urban fantasy)
Disintegrate (superhero)
Honor Above Duty (fantasy)
Jeanne Takes a Life (historical fantasy with a vampire)
Home, Wretched Home (superhero)
The Captain’s Daughter (pirate fantasy)
Monsters (historical fantasy with a vampire)
Listen to the Fire (superhero)
A Matter of Conscience (fantasy)
A Cold, Hollow Place (urban fantasy)

As usual, when I start a year-end round-up post, I’m always convinced I’ve slacked off over the previous 12 months. Listing out everything really brings home the point that I’ve actually been working pretty hard.


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