Heading into September #amwriting

Things are happening, my friends. I’ve just finished the first draft of Darkside Seattle: Hacker, ensuring a release date before the end of the year. The cover is in progress, and I’m pretty sure it’ll be coolest of the bunch. So far, anyway.

Other projects in my queue number many.

The next Darkside Seattle is undetermined. I have three more to do, and I know who those three people are, but I can’t decide which to tackle first. I may leave it to my fan group to vote. (Are you on Facebook? Do you want to join my fan group, the Squirrel Brigade of Doom? Of course you do!)

Spirit Knights is getting both a novella and a book, in winter and spring respectively, and both have been started but not finished. One delves into the past, and the other Sophie’s future. Once those are done, I have thoughts on more stories for this universe, but I may set them aside for a year or two to focus on other projects.

The Greatest Sin #6 is slated for a late fall/early winter release. I always promise one per year, and that’s still the goal. This one has been especially challenging for reasons I cannot yet reveal. (Hint: Chavali is a pain in the ass, but you already knew that.) Number 7 is slated to roll out in fall 2019, as we’ve discovered the process works better with a fall release schedule than a spring one. It’s just one of those things. Life changes, and so do schedules and plans.

November is coming! For my NaNoWriMo project, I’m doing the same thing I did last year–try to take over the world! Er. *cough* No. That’s not what I meant. I’m working with Jeffrey Cook again for a new and different novel, this one even more exciting than Nova Ranger Academy. Watch for more collaborations with him as time goes on. We’re expecting our next novel to release in July 2019.

What else is on tap? I expect Harper Revolution #2 to release next spring/summer. The short stories are still going strong. My first stab at editing a pro anthology will be announced soon, and I’m excited about it. I’ve got a secret project churning in the background. I’m sure there’s more I’m just not thinking about right now.

Where I’ll be in the near future:

Renton City Comic Con, Sept 15-16
Puyallup Local Author Fair, Oct 6
GeekGirlCon, Oct 27-28
Jet city Comic Show, Nov 3-4
Orycon, Nov 17 ONLY, at the NIWA table or on panels.

That’s the rest of my schedule through the end of the year. I hope to see you at one of these shows!

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