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It is, once again, a release day. Yay! Nova Ranger Academy, a standalone modern military supers novel co-authored with Jeffrey Cook, is now available in both print and ebook formats, on Amazon and Kobo. As usual for all my books, the ebook is 99 cents USD on release day, and then will raise to regular price sometime tomorrow.

The main character of this story, Ben Tsukuda, is also known as Captain Kinetic, a telekinetic Army Captain leading an elite superhero ranger team from the 11th Army Ranger battalion. His father and grandfather bore the same codename; his life’s work is to measure up to their examples. And to do everything in his power to help his son conquer the same challenge.

These supers have a lot in common with those of my Maze Beset trilogy, and I expect readers of those books to also enjoy this one. Unlike that story, we have no concrete plans to produce further books with these characters, though if enough people like it, we’ll reconsider. So please, if you read this book and like it, leave a review wherever you’re comfortable doing so. That’s the best, most helpful way to let us know you’d like more.

As a note for my gentler, YA-preferring readers, this is not a YA book. It contains foul language, graphic violence, mature themes, and Nazis.

This is my first completed fiction collaboration with Jeffrey, but it will not be the last. You can expect to see a new book from us every July for the foreseeable future.

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