Coming soon: Porcelain is in pre-order! #YA #scifi #ebook

Emma Harper has all the things. Except self-worth, respect from her friends, her brother, and a healthy self-image. Porcelain, first in a new young adult science fiction series, begins her journey from broken, hollow shell to happiness. The book is currently in pre-order, and you know what that means–99 cents for the ebook on Amazon and Kobo! Yay!

I expect to release these books once a year, probably in May/June, until the series is done. Currently, the plan is for 5 books. They’re relatively short, easy reads about serious topics with my usual dashes of humor and wit. If you liked Girls Can’t Be Knights, you’ll probably also like Porcelain, though Emma and Claire have very little in common.

The story involves wormholes, aliens, Marines, and spaceships. Since it’s from me, there are obviously actiony bits, though Emma is more of a thinker than a doer. That’s what the Marines are for.

P.S. It’s also available in paperback from Amazon. If you choose 2-day shipping, you can have the print version before the ebook releases.

P.P.S. Clockwork Dragon patrons at $5+ got an ebook copy of this book already. Last month, they got a copy of Hideous Progeny: Classic Horror Goes Punk, and next month, they’ll get a copy of Nova Ranger Academy, my next book, co-written with Jeffrey Cook. Soon, they’ll get a copy of Nikki McCormack’s next book. We deliver for our patrons.

P.P.P.S. As usual, this month’s Story of the Month, Jeanne Takes a Life, is no longer available for free. It’s now 99 cents on Amazon.

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