I spent last week in a brain-dead, headache-laced fugue state while attempting to determine which allergy medication my seasonal affection will respond to this year. The winner for 2018 is loratadine. Yay! This happens to me every year, so I always expect it, but I never know the timing in advance. Sure, I can guess it’ll hit about a week after the weather warms for several days in a row, but some years, it takes two days or two weeks.

Now that my meds are in full swing, I can look back at last week and lament the lost productivity. At least I caught up on some TV shows I haven’t watched in quite some time. In unrelated news, did you know the full series of House, MD is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime?

What’s coming up?

I’m so glad you asked. Due to circumstances beyond our control, Clockwork Dragon will not be at Miscon this year. No one is dead, and there’s no blame to smear around. That means my next show is GEARCon in Portland, July 7-8. After that, it’ll be GenCon in Indianapolis, August 2-5, then Spocon in Spokane, August 10-12. I’ll also be attending Worldcon in San Jose, CA, but not as a vendor.

Books on the horizon!

Because I know I have plenty of things to write already, I’m launching a new series. Harper Revolution is a YA sci-fi story about an 18 year old girl who gets sucked through a wormhole to a sentient spaceship in an unknown part of the universe. There, she discovers a number of highly unexpected things. Most importantly, she finds her brother, a Marine who went MIA two years earlier. Book 1 is titled Porcelain, and I expect to release book 2 next year. My current plan calls for five books in the series. Release is set for June 26.

I have another book set for release on July 24. Co-authored with Jeffrey Cook, Nova Ranger Academy follows an Army unit of superheroes as they discover and attempt to foil a plot to do what all self-respecting supervillains do–take over the world. This book is a standalone, and the product of all those long hours Jeff and I spend in the car together, driving to and from conventions. Expect more co-authored fiction from us in the future.

Book 6 of The Greatest Sin does not currently have a tentative release date, but it will get finished and published by the end of the year. Book 7 should happen relatively early in 2019. Probably. We hope.

Darkside Seattle: Hacker, the next installment in the cyberpunk novella collection, has a tentative release date of September 25. Whether this stays on target will depend greatly upon how much work I can get done over the summer, and whether TGS6 bumps it later. Regardless, it should release before the end of the year.

I have four other books in progress, none of which feels firm enough yet to discuss. There will continue to be more stories in the Spirti Knights world, as well as more Darkside Seattle novellas. I’m still dedicated to the short story production. There are anthology projects on my horizon, and plenty of other stuff.

As usual, this month’s short story is no longer available for free. Honor Above Duty is now available for 99 cents USD on Amazon and Kobo. Want a reminder when the stories go live so you don’t miss them? Sign up for my newsletter. Once a month, I’ll nudge you about the story, plus get early cover reveals, notices about sales on my ebooks, and other cool stuff from time to time.


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