#NaNoWriMo is Coming

Year number 9, here I come. Also? Win number 9. Because I will win again. It’s not in doubt. The doubt is over when and by how much.

This year, I have three complications to NaNo.

  1. I’m an ML. This isn’t much of a complication, since it really just means a little extra work in September and October. I did it last year and the only way it interfered was later in the month (after I already had my win) when people stopped showing up to the write-ins and I had to sit alone with my laptop in strange places instead of working from home. No biggie.
  2. I’m working 4 conventions between now and Thanksgiving. Renton City Comic Con is this weekend at the Renton Red Lion on S Grady Way. This is my second year doing Jet City Comic Show in Tacoma. After that is EuCon in Eugene, Oregon, followed by a return appearance at OryCon in Portland. That’s it for me for the rest of the year, but it’s a total of 9 days out of November when I won’t have time to write more than a handful of sentences. Plus the 3 Mondays following when I’ll be half-dead. 12 days is almost half the month. What idiot arranged that? (Me. It was me.)
  3. My home front situation is less than ideal. A little over two years ago, my kids and I moved in with my folks. Everything seemed great until health issues started to infringe. Now my dad is in hospice care. If you’re not familiar with the term, it means he’s not expected to be with us much longer. This is kind of a downer for creativity. It’s also eating time out of my day as things happen that need to be dealt with and I’m the one strong/skilled enough to do it.

Despite all that, I anticipate having the first draft of Spirit Knights 4: Ghost is the New Normal complete by the end of the month. If I’m lucky, I might have something else to go with it. We’ll see.

If you have no idea what NaNoWriMo is, go check it out!

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