Road Trip Wrapup

I’m home. Finally. Because I had to fly across the country twice after I got back from Kansas City (for personal reasons), it’s taken me a couple of days to really recover from all the traveling. now safely ensconced in my bean bag chair once more, I have a lot of work to do. The goals I outlined earlier this year for my writing tasks won’t be met, and I already know that. Now, I’m focused on the most important things: Spirit Knights #4, Ilauris #3, cyberpunk, some dragons, and a few anthology submissions.

Coming soon: a cyberpunk novella still in need of a title! With luck, it’ll be available in time for GeekGirlCon.

In other news, while I was gone, someone stole the dragon from my front yard, which is a unique 70-pound reclaimed metal structure. May whoever took it get everything they deserve. I have serious doubts I’ll ever see it again, but it’s been reported to the police anyway.

I live in a dragon guarded castle
Should you happen to see it someplace, let me know.

And now, some pictures from the trip. In reverse order, because I’m ornery like that.

Nothing says excitement like Deadpool at WorldCon!
The debut of The Greatest Sin’s new covers at WorldCon. Aren’t they pretty now?
I’m still geeking out over meeting Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon at WorldCon.
From a much-needed few days of downtime.
GenCon had the truck and everything. They left markers so folks could write on the wall.
Myths & Legends Con in Denver–a small con with a big heart.
In Denver, I acquired a Temporary Helpful Writing Cat.
Best cosplay of Mawg ever. At MALCon.
Chimichangas, anyone? From GenCon
This dude rocked the Finn cosplay. At GenCon
I saw this guy and thought, “OMG, that’s almost Justin!”

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