@Norwescon is Awesome

This past weekend, Clockwork Dragon appeared at Norwescon. We had a great time. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and chatted, whether you bought a book or not. Pictures will be over at www.clockworkdragon.net. Here, I present a top ten list.

Top Ten Things I’ve Forgotten to Bring to At Least One Event (but not all the same one):

  1. My badge.
  2. Swag.
  3. A Square credit card reader.
  4. Book stands.
  5. My name tag.
  6. Two or more of our banners.
  7. Shopping bags for customers.
  8. An entire box of books, meaning we didn’t have any copies of multiple titles.
  9. The cash box and cash for making change.
  10. Jeff.

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